Grooming At Top Of The Hill

Nothing is better than hugging a clean and happy pet, but did you know that grooming can also help to protect your pet’s health? Not only does grooming make for a clean-smelling companion, but it also keeps your pet comfortable and is a great way to monitor your pet’s health. During grooming, problems are often spotted before they become serious. Common problems that grooming can uncover include skin rashes, injuries, lumps,  irritations, and ear infections.

Grooming is not a luxury.  A professional grooming service does not have to break the bank. Top Of The Hill Kennels is pleased to offer expert pet grooming and nail trimming services at a very reasonable price. We have extensive experience preparing pets for show and home. Whether visiting for a day or enjoying an extended stay, why not inquire about pet grooming?  Let us know what your furry loved one requires and we will expertly service their grooming needs.

A Spa Day is a Fun Day!

At Top Of The Hill Kennels, our pet groomers have been caring for the grooming needs of countless pets for over 25  years. During their Spa Day, pets are invited to enjoy our large, fenced play yard and will not be confined to the grooming area.  Your pet is also given access to fresh water and treats that you approve of. They also enjoy a comfortable bed or blanket to relax on.

Giving back to the community is something we have been involved in for several years.  Top Of The Hill Kennels is pleased to donate 100% of the proceeds from our nail trimming services to Wellspring London and Regional Cancer Support.  That way, when you have your pet’s nails trimmed at Top Of The Hill Kennels,  you are participating in our ‘Nails For Wellspring’ programme at the same time!