Pet Day Care

If you need day care for your pet due to an emergency, work-related trip,  home repairs,  family event or just a day out for lunch, contact Top Of The Hill Kennels. We are always happy to provide a safe and loving space for your cat or dog at our kennel just outside of London, Ontario. We are a convenient drive from London, located in the heart of country comfort.

At our boarding kennel, we will keep your pet company and make sure that they get the appropriate exercise to send them home happy and tired. While your pets enjoy our kennel daycare, we can also professionally groom them and trim their nails.  If you can’t book ahead, we always try our best to accommodate last minute pet visitors.

If you are visiting us for dog daycare or staying overnight, we like to inform you ahead of time that your dog will not engage in group play. Instead, we strongly believe that individual supervised play with a human companion is preferable and more enjoyable for most dogs. Personal Playtime ensures that your dogs get the exercise appropriate for their age and needs + some one on one time with a human buddy.

At Top Of The Hill Kennels, we treat your pets as if they were our own. We have owned a run a quality pet daycare for over 25 years. We succeed because we consider your pet’s unique needs, ensuring that all of our pet parents pick up a happy pet when they return.