Cat Boarding

For the Cat Lover

Our indoor ‘Kitty Quarters’, conveniently secluded away from the dogs, is also climate controlled. They feature a perch and either a hidie-house for our shy visitors or a cat bed. Our kitty condos are bright, airy and comfortable, providing a home-like atmosphere for your cat.  In addition, a variety of kitty toys and scratching posts provide your pet with endless hours of entertainment. Choose from one, two or three stories tall!

Kennel Heart A Special Request:

We do our best to provide your pet with a safe, clean, and loving environment. We ask that you help us out by informing us of any problems your pet may have (i.e. medical needs; ticks or fleas; special dietary needs, etc.). Also, if your pet has an infectious disease please keep him or her at home or at a veterinarian clinic. Please call us and we will be happy to assist you in determining the best accommodations for your pet. We require up to date vaccinations including Bordetella for our canine guests. Vaccs must have been given at least one week prior to boarding.