Our country kennel setting offers our pet boarders the perfect combination of peace, quiet and playtime. Our boarding kennels include individual inside and outside runs so that our dogs can enjoy their privacy and have their own space.  Our kennel is always climate controlled  for the comfort and health of your pet.

If you know that you are leaving for a vacation, book your kennel stay in advance. If an emergency comes up, we will do our very best to accommodate you and your pet’s boarding needs. As we have outlined in our pet parent support section, we want you to feel at ease while at work or on your vacation. Know that when your dog or cat boards with us, we will treat them as we do our own pets.

Before you drop your pet off at the kennel, we like to gain an in-depth understanding regarding your furry friend’s specific wants and needs. Your pet’s boarding experience will depend upon their personality. We put your pet’s needs first and offer a high standard of care and comfort.

At Top Of The Hill Kennels, we specialize in individual care and that means our guests are offered one on one, Personal Playtime, to suit their needs. We prefer this to group play as it ensures that each pet’s individual needs are met (unless group play is requested for families,  brothers and sisters etc). Personal Playtime also gives us the opportunity to get to know your pet a little better and them us. We like to love ’em up individually!  Some days it is just so nice to hang out under the shade trees with a buddy!

We proudly use premium foods for all our pets. As always, you may elect to bring your pets normal diet if you wish.

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