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About Us - Top of the hill Kennels

At Top Of The Hill boarding kennels we enjoy pampering, playing with and taking great care of your animals and our own. For 25 years, we’ve worked to provide the best possible experience for our animal clients and their pet parents. Our business grew out of our love for animals as our families bred and showed dogs all of our lives. It was a natural progression that we should dedicate our lives to caring for other people’s pets. We have created a boarding kennel with a ‘stay small, stay personal’ attitude. This means that we specialize in personal care, meeting the needs of each of our guests. This close contact allows our guests and their pet parents to enjoy their separate vacations.

 Located in a tranquil country setting, pets feel at home in a spacious, fenced play yard. Every pet enjoys plenty of personal playtime at no extra cost. Each dog that boards at our kennel will get the exercise that suits all of his/her needs. Better still, we live on the property which means that there is 24/7 supervision.  Our staff has extensive experience in pet care, grooming and administering medication. So, you do not have to cancel a trip if your pet has simple medication needs or is a senior with comfort issues.

We are members of The Canadian Kennel Club, founding member of Borzoi Canada, The Great Lakes Whippet Club,  The Clumber Spaniel Club of Canada, The All Hound Club of Ontario, Ontario Sighthound Association and members of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.